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Mindy Tsai
Hi! I’m Mindy.

Have you or your loved one experienced something unexplainable or unthinkable? I know how you feel!

Are you ready to come with me on my journey with schizophrenia?

It’s a journey that started when I turned thirty while I was working as a product engineer at a small software company in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

I want to show you what it was like.

Completely honest.

No filter.

Just real and messy.

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  • Dr. Shinn’s Journal Club, McLean Hospital, Belmont, Massachusetts
  • Wendy’s Bookclub, Belmont, Massachusetts
  • Sofia’s Bookclub, Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Concert Pharmaceuticals, Lexington, Massachusetts
What my awesome readers are saying...

Clear voiced account of a journey towards mental health

A straight forward account of one woman’s journey towards mental health. A fast paced read, with fascinating insights of what it is like to try to question and fight for one’s own sanity through logic and reason, until logic and reason can no longer be trusted. After reading this, a reader is left with admiration for the writer and anybody who has been through a battle like this. If you want to understand what someone with mental health issues struggles with, this book will give you some insight.

A brave story about a brave woman

Becoming Whole is an unvarnished, personal narrative of life with Schizophrenia. Mindy takes the reader through her most personal thoughts as she struggles to untangle her own thoughts. We are right beside her as tries to make logic out of the illogical, and celebrate with her as she wrestles back control of her life from a disease that upends everything. This isn’t your typical Disney story of unfair hardship that ends in fairytale triumph. Rather is the a journal of a real life with real fears, struggles, hopes and acceptance. I could not put it down!

Courageous, Heart Felt and Impactful

I absolutely loved this book! This book is raw, honest, and beautifully written and really gave a very accessible look into the mental illness of Schizophrenia which so little is known. Through her journey you gain insight into how a person suffers from this mental illness and how it impacts their mind, thoughts and emotions. I think everyone should read this beautifully written memoir as we all know of someone suffering from mental illness and more awareness, support, and dialogue needs to happen so that more people can understand how to support one another. Your heart will be touched and you will want to pass this along to someone you love.

Becoming Whole

A Memoir

by Mindy Tsai
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