Mindy Tsai

How do we find meaning in the unthinkable and incomprehensible?

Hi! I’m Mindy.

In the last ten years, I have thought about my schizophrenia and wrote it all down.

(It took me a while but I did it!)

Now I can share with you my unthinkable, incomprehensible, and incredible experience with schizophrenia in my latest book, Becoming Whole, A Memoir.

In the last couple of years, I have blogged about my experience with being single and online dating, and it’s definitely been bittersweet.

All I can say is that…

It is possible to take the reins of your life with schizophrenia

Writing about what I knew…
(my life passion!)

Since I could write, for years growing up, I wrote for myself. Every night before I went to bed, I wrote in my diary thinking that I was keeping secrets. I wrote about family and friendships, tiny crushes and fights, moving to America, and going to college. I always had something on my mind.

Then I tried to write about schizophrenia.

I did not know how at first and it was not unlike in movies. My thoughts were so jumbled up, I made lists. Then I shared my notes with my friends because I wanted them to know about my experience. This was part of me.

One day, after reading yet another memoir, I thought to myself, I had something to say too! It might help others. I thought, “I want to show you what it was like! You decide what you would do if you were me!”

I am very aware that not everyone who has schizophrenia ends up as lucky as I am and can write about their stories. I am privileged to be able to tell my story, I should, even if it’s just one voice in this world of 7.5 billion people.

I was not an English major and don’t have an MFA.

I just have a passion and desire for reading and scribbling things down. I take small steps each day to read and write. I learned authors before me from their books on writing. For my memoir, my debut book, I must have iterated on it more than ten times working with various editors over the last ten years or so. Now that it’s completed, I am starting on a second book project.

I will continue to tell stories and find deeper meaning in our lives.

Here’s my “American Dream” story…

I was born in Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to New York City when I was fourteen. I did not know any English at the time but was welcomed by everyone at school. Four teenage girls took me under their wings and I learned to speak again!

The Librarian paid extra attention to me and became a parent figure to me.

My English teacher took an interest in me. I got an award from him for “A pleasure to have in class!” I was good at math and science. But I enjoyed English.

My professional background is rooted in mathematics and science. I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in engineering management at Cornell University.

Ithaca was a beautiful city to be in and for me to become an adult. I made many great friends there, got drunk for the first time, and met my first boyfriend.

After college, I have been working for software companies in Boston. Currently, I work for the digital healthcare consultancy ZS Medullan in Boston, Massachusetts.

When I have free time, I love to read and write, eat around town, and spend quality time with friends.

Thank you for visiting and happy reading!