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  • I do well with goals, structure, and schedule as a writer, like everything else I do. I learned this about myself from writing for WebMD’s schizophrenia patient blog. I enjoy the monthly cadence and am consistently putting time away for writing. I want commitment. So I want to let you know that I am starting a weekly newsletter, I’m With Me on Substack. The newsletter, you guessed it, is about
  • In 2050, it was no longer prestige to just live in New York, San Francisco, or London. Most people picked two to three cities as their home base.  Anne saved most of her salary for years, waiting for this day. Finally, she had enough money to get a FlashGo membership. Anne made an appointment with a Flash life coach.  “To use our Flash network and schedule Flash hops, you must
  • In my head, there are two me’s. One is younger and skinny—another me who wants to lose a few pounds—fifteen pounds, to be exact. Among my American friends, I don’t stand out. I am of average weight for my height. You can see a bulging stomach when I wear a bikini. Other than that, I am happy with my shape. The first time I put on some 20 pounds was
  • Even though the writing journey is done when the memoir was published on May 30, 2019, Becoming Whole the book has taken on a life of its own. Since day one, I heard from many friends and family near and far who all bought and read my book. The support I received is incredible. Not only did they buy and read it, they thought the book is pretty good. The
  • When I first started writing, I just wrote. I didn’t have any specialized training in English, Literature, or Writing. After a while, I did not feel very productive. That was when I started reading books on writing. I always turn to books when I am stuck. Here are my favorite ones so far. As I am wrapping up my memoir, I am rereading them again.
  • “It should always be remembered that the behavior of persons with schizophrenia is internally logical and rational: they do things for reasons that, given their disordered senses and thinking, makes sense to them!” -Torrey, E. Fuller. Surviving Schizophrenia. 1983. Page 49. “The ideas I had about supernatural beings came to me the same way that my mathematical ideas did. So I took them seriously.” -John Forbes Nash Jr. *~*~*~*~* My friend
  • I have seen some videos online that try to show what it’s like to hear voices. Often, the videos show someone doing something while recorded voices shout out words. In my experience, the voices sounded just like from real people and not just a recording. They sounded three dimensional. They were not random phrases but specific to what I was doing. Other than not having a physical presence, they almost
  • In the last week of the year, I finally have the guts to call myself a writer, a label that I had been very hesitant to give to myself. Instead of a writer, I called myself “writer-wannabe” or “scribbler.” I hold quotes like “don’t be a writer, be writing” to heart, using them not only as inspiration to keep writing but also as excuses to avoid clearly defining a part

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