A Mind Unraveled, A Memoir

My experience with schizophrenia affected my thinking. For Kurt, his body took surprise breaks giving up on him as frequently as every other day. His college days were heartbreaking. Becoming an independent adult and looking for a job with a pre-existing condition was tough. I can’t imagine how he survived through all that. Kurt’s memoir is inspirational; I could not put this book down once I started.

Again, I am reminded that doctors are such important determinant of lives of people with chronic conditions. We tend to give doctors all the control when we are in need of urgent help and care. We are lucky when we meet the right person from the start. Kurt was not so lucky. Eventually he took control of his own care and participated in the decision making process. I went through a similar journey. Now I ask questions and don’t just obey. A collaborative relationship between doctors and patients seems to be the best even though sometimes as the non-medical-trained, patients feel not qualified to question.

Medication is not perfect and has side effects. I recognize Kurt’s journey in finding the best balance between stopping his convulsions, minimize side effects and living his life to the fullest. I was lucky. My first medication was very effective for me for part of my symptoms. I did experience an undesirable side effect of some weight gain. But it did also take me a few years to finally gain awareness of what I have, since my condition is mental. Again, Kurt was not so lucky. Kurt is courageous in his determination to fight! His will power is incredible.

Then, there is the family and friends. I recognize that in my journey too. A helping hand means a lot. We know who our true friends are when they keep showing up again and again while we are beat down.

I highly recommend kicking of 2019 with this memori!

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