A New State of Mind

Writing has becoming an important part of my life. Writing the second memoir is making me think quite a bit about my life. How I live my current life. The now. Where as the first memoir Becoming Whole was more about reflecting back to past experiences and lessons learned.

I am still looking for the center of my second memoir. First it was about learning online dating at forty and laughing about it. Then it was about how I really felt about being single and why I was dating. Then it was about how I was living my life.

Being single has its complexities in addition to all the wonderful things that I love about it. I am finding myself feeling even more at peace at being single as I type words on my laptop. Alone but not lonely. Happy and content while not missing out. I didn’t think it was possible to be even more happier that I already was!

Last week, I went out on a first date with X. I was looking forward to meeting him but I didn’t build up this crazy giddiness inside my head before hand. I didn’t rush myself to think about a second date. I didn’t try too hard. I felt that if we connect, we could decide what’s next. Let’s see what happens in the first hour. Unrealistic expectation – or rather hype and hope – was not there in my mind this time. I am good with “let’s meet people.” Period. My normal calming mental state seemed to have finally taken over the dating mind!

Perhaps, I have moved on to a different stage of dating. And life! I knew I was content with my life but I truly feel better at where I am – as I think about and work on the memoir – that I am not in any hurry to go anywhere or do anything else. I feel even more from my inner energy and am grateful for all that I have!

How wonderful it’s the week of thanksgiving!

I love writing. Life is kind of neat huh!

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