Becoming Whole: Sample Layout for the Printed Book

What made it all very real for me was seeing the cover of my memoir coming alive. Again, the theme of my life – having amazingly loving friends. My friend and artist Frederikke reached out to me after seeing a cover I created using some third-party tool. Nothing particularly exciting or original! “I can design one for you if you like!” She said. I love her eCards and paintings. I would never pass on such help! “That would be amazing!” I said. 

Frederikke Tu is a very good friend and a Danish American artist. We chatted about what the memoir means to me. She drew inspiration from my story and the Swedish artist Hilma of Klint. Frederikke combined the idea of the brain with scientific and mathematical, beautiful and calm images. A few weeks after we chatted, she told me she was ready to show me her design. 

When I saw her design, the cover immediately resonated with me. She did not explain the cover to me. She just asked me what I thought of it. I love that it’s a conceptual design. I love the colors. I love the tear of the paper. 

I am very fortunate to have such a talented artist friend to help realizing my dream. It’s a beautiful cover! I am thankful! 

Today, I had another moment when I received a sample of the interior layout for the first few pages of my memoir. It’s an amazing feeling to create a book being a book lover! Other than the page number being on different places on different pages, I like how it looks. 

A few more steps forward. That makes me happy! 

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