Collecting a Life Together

Based on my upbringing, I was taught to always be content with what I had. There are other people less fortunate than I am in so many ways. I have a roof over my head, three meals a day, a good job, and friends and family. I had never imagined myself married with kids, though I had wanted a baby when I was thirty-six which I have now made peace with having without. Wanting a life partner feels like I might wish away my current happiness while not knowing if my life would just be different or better with a man. 

Naturally, I am a social being. I didn’t seek for it but I did enjoy connecting with men at a deeper, intellectual, and romantic level. Having someone cared for me and smiled at me were wonderful. Now I am going to allow myself to look for this.  Obviously, I can’t predict the future. But my belief is that having someone in my life would enrich my life, even if it would be more complicated.

Isabella shared a Modern Love article from the New York Times “Where I Find Romance in Marriage.” I love that it says romance in marriage is that “We’re collecting a life together.” I would like to collect a life with someone together. That says that I still would be living my own life while sharing my life. That seems like a reasonable thing to wish for without minimize what I already have.

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