I Love Romantic Comedies

I find myself hesitating when I write about being single, dating, love and relationship. The writing journey has been different from writing about schizophrenia. Most of my friends are married with kids. I know wonderful husbands. Surely, I am the least “successful” nor “qualified” person to speak about dating and relationship. With schizophrenia, I am the only person among my friends who has it, so there was no comparison nearby.

I love watching romantic comedies. Meg Ryan. Julia Roberts. Kate Hudson. These stories all have the same story line. The woman meets man. They fall in love. They have a fight. They break up. But magically, they realize that they love each other and overcome all the obstacle. The end. I never get tired of them! I buy it!

I am unsure about writing a different story even though I live one. The less-told story of a woman not married. Other paths in life. Is having options wroth telling? Is being single and happy worth telling?

Today, writing about being single, dating, and relationship feels more like a mistake. I see photo updates from my friends and I thought why not just stick with the romantic comedies publicly and keep my thoughts to myself? Why stir the pot?

Then it feels like when I started writing about schizophrenia. I am not writing about something that’s black and white, right or wrong, good or bad. I just need to be patient with myself, see if I can peel through layers of my thoughts, and find out what’s inside trying to get out!


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