Strawberry Shortcake


From: Japonaise Bakery

Right in front of the St. Mary T stop on the Green C line is this muted-colored bakery. It’s a hidden treasure, easy to miss, even though it’s located on Beacon Street. The staff is always courteous, helpful, and soft speaking.

When I am there, I am reminded of my childhood in Taipei. Some Taiwanese pastries and cakes are heavily influenced by the Japanese and similar.

My favorite is the Japanese style strawberry shortcake. Typical of Japanese desserts I know of, the shortcake is flavored lightly and not sweet. The taste of the sliced strawberry is mixed with layers of delicate sponge cake and whipped cream frosting on top.  I find it very tasty!

Of course, there are many other pastries to try. I am still working my way through. Don’t expect fancy. No wifi or plugs. Somewhat pricy!

As it is, I love this little unassuming gem that brings Japan to Brookline.

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