Sun, Palm Trees, White Sands, Turquoise Water

The Aruba vacation came at a perfect time. It was right after I got a text from A that he thought I was too intense. Anyone who knew me well would be as surprised as me. He said, “I don’t think we are a good match.” I felt disappointed but life went on. I hopped on a plane and met my girlfriend in Aruba.

My girlfriend and I had decided that it was going to be one of those sitting-around-do-nothing vacation. We stayed at a hotel on the beach. In the morning, we took a long walk along the beach and logged at least ten thousand steps. Early afternoon, we hung out in the pool and I got all pink. Late afternoon, we dipped in the ocean, sat on the white sands, tasted the salt water. We ate dinner in front of the sunset. After dinner, we went back to the beach to see the night view of the ocean. It was fabulous. We did exactly what we wanted and did the same thing again the next day.

I couldn’t help but dissected my dating behavior with my girlfriend. Girlfriend chatting was so good for the mind and soul. She backed me up. This was just not the one, she said.

Aruba had beautiful palm trees and white sands that we didn’t have in New England. The Caribbean sun provided such light and warmth. I could always come back here for a mid-winter break.

When I am ninety years old, I picture myself living in an assisted home. I would need just a room. I would be comfortable in a cozy small space because I probably would not move about too much with weak knees. In the room, I would have my essentials, such as photos of my parents, relatives, friends, and their kids even. I would have plants because I like having something that’s alive in my room. I would have a few of my favorite books though my eyesight would probably not be good enough to read small fonts. The room would be in a building filled with elders like me. We would have our own retired community. There should be a nurse on staff to keep us healthy and a door man to keep us all safe. Hopefully, there is a chef on staff as well so I could eat a couple of small meals each day. I could not be a foodies anymore because my taste buds were old. I would spend my day reading and writing. Sometimes, grown kids from friends might visit me. I would have nice neighbors in the building. I would be alone but not lonely. I might have had someone but he might be gone before me. If I was lucky, I would be free of major diseases. I would still have a sharp mind and happy heart. I would live my old age in peace. When I gave out my last breath, someone would be there to take care of my final business. I am okay with this.

My married girlfriends worry about me getting old alone more than I do. Most of them are married with kids. When I visited their homes, there were often chaos with kids running around all over the place. At my home, it was filled with either silence or acoustic cafe music in the background. They were used to the noise that they probably had a hard time imagine living in silence. Since I have my own ending in mind, I feel content while knowing that however I travelled to that end is still an unknown. Anything is possible!

On the flight back from Aruba, I read my reader report for my memoir. I did pretty okay! This was the final feedback I was waiting for before pulling the trigger on publishing. I got two thumbs up! Onwards!

At Aruba, my single girlfriend and I agreed that we both have happy lives. The life journey awaits us. For that, we are open and hopeful.

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