Welcome Under the Hood!

Having you along the ride is motivational!

I have started thinking and working on memoir#2. I read somewhere that “thinking” is the biggest part of writing. I totally agree!

What I want to write about – Author’s Note:
In this memoir, I hope to share a different narrative for young women. Mine is the lesser-told story of a happy woman who, at the age of 45, is not married and does not have kids. I didn’t live my younger life in a conventional way. By now, most of my friends have followed more traditional paths. I know many wonderful couples with beautiful children. They have dated, found love, and are nurturing long-term relationships daily. They give their all to raising good kids. From the outside, their lives look ideal, perfect, and meaningful, but I have learned that on tough days some of them envy mine. I am not suggesting my path is better than theirs, but a woman can live a fulfilling life not doing what’s assumed to be the most typical or best.

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Wish me luck!