Memoir #2 – Work-In-Progress

Author’s Note

In this memoir, I hope to share a different narrative for young women. Mine is the lesser-told story of a happy woman who, at the age of 45, is not married and does not have kids. I didn’t live my younger life in a conventional way either. By now, most of my friends are following more traditional paths. I know many wonderful couples with beautiful children. They have dated, found love, and are nurturing long-term relationships daily. They give their all to raising good kids. From the outside, their lives look ideal, perfect, and meaningful, but I have learned that, during tough days, some of them envy mine. I am not suggesting my path is better than theirs, but a woman can live a fulfilling life not doing what’s assumed to be the most typical and, therefore, best. 

Throughout this story and with respect for the privacy of my girlfriends, they are collectively called “Rachel,” and their husbands and my male friends are called “Michael.” Stories of men I’ve dated have been altered, combined, or condensed, and no real names have been used.