Iceland: Reykjavik and the Golden Circle

Iceland is a place where it has not yet been disturbed by human beings. People to horses is three to one. There are not that many trees but plenty of lava rocks. It’s possible to see glaciers, volcano, black beaches, and waterfalls within one day . My favorite spot was the Blue Lagoon which is a geothermal spa.  Chasing northern lights was as fun as seeing it! (Unfortunately, I have no picture to show for it!) Besides nature, be ready to pay for expensive food because most things are imported. If you love nature, you will love Iceland!

Taiwanese Night Markets

One of my favorite places in this world is the Taiwanese night markets. They have the smallest “restaurants” I have ever experienced. Each “restaurant” takes up no more than a small square of space, typically out in the open, on the street, one next to another tightly packed. There is usually a table with whatever is needed to either display or cook the food. Usually one person is behind the table. Some have sitting areas and some don’t. The food, everything, is authentic, tasty, and cheap. My favorite dishes are oyster pancake, tofu and peanuts dessert soup, minced pork on rice, and stinky tofu. Many locals can stroll and eat the night away. It’s similar to bar-hopping except this is stand-hopping. On this special day with my cousin Chao, we made it to five. How many stops do you think you can stomach?


Paris was easy to travel around, a very walkable city. My top three Paris moments. Eating street crepe under the Eiffel tower. The taste still lingers in my mind. Eating dinner on a restaurant boat on the Seine looking at the Notre Dam.  It was the same view since the medieval time. Visiting museum D’Orsay and Louvre and being impressed by artists old and new.

Machu Picchu

I talked about Machu Picchu for years and finally pulled the trigger. I took planes, buses, train, and walked to finally see this view. Humans continue to amaze me; Incas built this lost city on a mountain top, surrounded by endless mountain tops above the sacred valley. It was beautiful!

The walk up to the lookout house made me feel very out of shape. I was told that it was the altitude, as I watched a few others zooming by. Well, my lungs were out of shape then. Hopefully every time I think of this place, I want to exercise. Bonus point!

IMG_1029 2
Machu Picchu, Cusco, Urubamba, Peru

As I made this trip, rules were getting stricter about visiting Machu Picchu since the ancient site was getting damaged by some of the visitors. I am glad I got a chance to see Machu Picchu up close and personal.

One more item in the bucket list, checked!